Creation Archetype

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A prime mandate of the Force of Life
is to create more life.

Simply by strolling in nature, it is easy to notice that a prime mandate of the Force of Life is to create more life. Everywhere the eyes land (wherever there is water available and the ground has not been poisoned) Life flourishes. If there is an accessible nook or cranny, from the micro to macroscopic, it contains some form of Living Thing. The creativity of the living system to discover and then adapt to the most extreme, as well as the most mundane, opportunities to thrive is astonishing.

Once Life has figured out how to persist, basically mastering the dimension of Time, it was then confronted by the issues of how to fully utilize that dimension. The discoveries that Life made addressing these issues are discussed here as the Creation Archetype. The essential attribute of the Creation Archetype is the impulse to push the boundaries of its limitations. This is such a core quality of Living Beings that is observed in every Evolutionary Paradigm vital for the advancement of our lineage, from our origin as Multi-Celled Organisms experimenting with specialization, to Sea Creatures crawling onto land, to Astronauts walking on the Moon. We can easily experience the Creation Archetype at work in ourselves in our experience of Curiosity and Boredom, polar “emotions” of ancient origin. Without the Creation Archetype, Life would not have burgeoned beyond it’s most primitive form and would have simply persisted in it’s original state in some briny patch of water.



/Chakras correlate with the DMM


The fundamental problem with the setting Life emerged within is that it is a closed system, having finite nutritional resources as well as space to explore. To stretch its reach beyond the prevailing limitations Life was required to constrain its strategies and tactics. The constraints apparent to this writer are:

Life’s solution to the problem of creating more of itself not by expanding, but rather by making copies of itself. This is discussed in the article on:

Life’s effort to create more life eventually hit the boundary of its surroundings. It solved this problem by adding features that enabled it to enter into more complex environments. This is discussed in the article on:

Experimenting with new features requires that prior experiments that did not extend life’s reach be removed to make space for more experiments. Life solved this issue by evolving a “cease and desist” function that eliminated iterations after their useful lifespan. This is discussed in the article on:


As species become more specialized, Archetypes facilitating those specializations can be observed. The Archetypes discussed below are those which are also specific to our lineage, becoming incrementally more focused on the peculiarities of our species as we diverged towards our unique niche from our common ancestor:
an overview of the qualities of archetypes:

Archetypes are elemental qualities that express both in the anatomical structure, and the forms creatures embody to interact with their surroundings.
The Structures associated with the Creation Archetype are discussed in the section on the:
The Forms associated with the Creation Archetype are discussed in the sections on:

Discussion of the attributes of a Living Thing, in the context of the emergence of our species, is facilitated by finding perspectives from which these attributes cohere into a framework within which the attributes form relationships. The frameworks discussed on this website can be found here: