Until relatively recently our species evolution was constrained by the constraints of the physical dimensions within which we solved the problems of survival. By examining the qualities of the living beings that came before us it is apparent that we solved the problems of mastering the physical dimensions sequentially, first persisting through the dimension of time, and then consecutively evolving into the spatial dimensions. The dimensions are therefore presented here in that fashion, with the dimensions presented as point (time), line, plane and space (volume). In the same way that these dimensions are presented as extensions of the prior one (a line is an infinite set of points etc.), organismal evolution extended into new dimensions by adapting solutions adopted for survival in dimensionally less complex settings (Exaptation). Because our structure has this layered design, we can learn a great deal about how we move through and process information from our surroundings by identifying which of our capacities are associated with each evolutionary leap, and additionally how more complex functions are layered on top of and interlaced with more “primitive” ones. Understanding our evolution in this context clarifies and contextualizes the qualities of our experience, enabling deeper insight into right action and offering insights into therapeutic options of greater efficacy.

Life emerged in an ocean environment where neutral buoyancy was easy to maintain. When the animals of our lineage crawled onto land their evolution was dominated by the force of gravity. The spatial dimensions are consequently oriented to the force vector of gravity, aligned perpendicular to this force, and parallel with the surface of the earth onto which our ancestors crawled. The trajectory of the evolution of our lineage fits very nicely into spatial geometry when considered from this perspective.

In addition to the dimension of time, this model includes two other non-spatial dimensions, the Etheric and Astral. The Etheric is the artifact created by self aware beings exploring the potential of cooperative planning, our unique (on earth) human experience, and is closely linked to the set of spatial dimensions. The Astral dimension is the realm of transcendent self awareness, beyond the constrained individual experience of self, and is more closely associated with the dimension of time than the spatial dimensions. Including the Astral dimension in this model (for which minimal information can be provided here) gives the model a cyclical, spiraling character where the end and beginning meet (although changed), which is a foundational quality of both living systems and their natural environments.

Point Dimension


Line Dimension


Plane Dimension


Space Dimension


Etheric Dimension


Astral Dimension