DURATION: 7,000 years before present
KEY ATTRIBUTE: Manufactured environment
KEY SPECIATION: Us (Homo Sapiens Sapiens)
KEY SENSE: Written word

Aboriginal peoples experience their relationship with their environment as if they are a part of it. About 7000 years ago some of our ancestors broke with this tradition and started down the path to our modern world. Before this point in our lineage, from an archeological perspective, one millennium looks very much like another. After this point our lineage looks very much like a linear progression where aspects fit together into a continuum which is the history of our species. What we initiated was the fabrication of an engineered environment, where we interact with an artifact, instead of directly with the living earth system. This transition is usually discussed as the transition from hunter/gatherer societies to agricultural societies and has the scientific label of the Anthropocene. This social artifact is labeled here as the Etheric Dimension1.

Our engineered artifact acts as a mirror for our experience, creating a self reinforcing “bubble of perception” which can seem like a nearly impossible egg to peck a crack in. The conventions of this bubble can be very challenging to shake free from. Once a norm is established, it can persist for centuries after it has been debunked. A deeply embedded example is our use of the terms UP and Down, which describe our position on the surface of a plane, the flat earth our ancestors believed we inhabited. The terms IN and OUT are more accurate descriptions relative to our position on the surface of a sphere, which we have understood Earth to be for over 500 years2,3. The hazard of this bubble is that it self reinforces, creating the impression that it is reality. TRANCE

Without a larger context to put the Etheric within, it can self reinforce into an evolutionary dead end. War and the climate change “debate” are examples of this. Also many of the health issues we confront, especially musculoskeletal issues, are a consequence of operating our bodies within the confines of the Etheric (this is the study of Ergonomics). The goal of this model is to put the Etheric dimension into a larger context which can thereby enable access to both diagnostic and prescriptive therapeutic options potentially enhancing wellbeing.

1: This use of the label Etheric is somewhat different than is found in the work of Rudolph Steiner and others. To the best of my knowledge it does not conflict, and perhaps even clarifies, other applications of the label.

2: R. Buckmister Fuller

3: Other examples:
Sunrise/Sunset should be Earthrise/Earthset