Exercises for Our Mammalian Physiology

Standing wall press and stair exercises Homolateral

1) One thing we can do to improve this flow is an undulation exercise. I was originally taught this exercise by Darri Heller in Mill Valley in 1982. It can be done standing, sitting, laying down or on your hands and knees. Starting at either the base of the skull or the pelvis, start a small slow rocking motion into flexion and then extension. Allow this motion to travel up or down the spine in a wave. In the beginning, it is better to pass one wave through the spine at a time. With practice, you can get two or more waves passing through at the same time. In addition to dramatically increase the flow of spinal fluid, this is an excellent rejuvenating exercise for the intervertebral discs. It also releases compression on the nerves exiting the spine, supporting whole-body healing. If you are actively healing from any injury or disease, this is an excellent way to pass time.
There is a description of Undulation: