Gait and Stance


A student recently reached out to me with a question about testing for unintegrated Moro Reflex using the “Duck Walk Pigeon Walk” (DWPW) method. She wanted to know if I thought DWPW was a reliable way to check for Moro Reflex. I want to share my thoughts on this topic with you as well.

Spotting unintegrated reflexes can be tricky because we all unconsciously compensate for and suppress unintegrated reflexes. 

The duck walk and pigeon walk is a good indicator of whether the upper and lower body are connected … and this could relate to Moro Reflex. However, it could also signal unintegrated TLR, STNR, Landau and Spinal Perez. (Landau and Spinal Perez Reflexes are included in the Second Level Brain and Sensory Foundations course.)