Hair Trace Mineral Analysis

Our bodies are principally assembled from Carbon and a few other elements. To build the complex organic mechanisms living things rely upon trace levels of many other elements are utilized. The relative levels of these trace elements are very important, and if their ratios become too unbalanced metabolism and other functions will become compromised. Our bodies regulate the levels of these trace elements by excreting excess amounts through urine, fingernails, and hair. By analyzing the amounts of these trace elements in hair, one can infer a great deal about that individual’s metabolic profile including dietary or supplementation changes which will be beneficial.

The ratios of specific trace elements indicate whether a person’s metabolism is slow or fast. Slow metabolism is linked to Parasympathetic dominance and All Living Things, Fast metabolism is linked to Sympathetic dominance and Animals and Vertebrates. If an individual is a Fast Metaboliser, protocols for the nondominant layers will be most beneficial (All Living Things, Mammals, Primates). If Slow, protocols for the layers Animal and above will be beneficial.

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