Intelligence Archetype

The field encompassed by the Intelligence Archetype very likely extends beyond the edge of what is knowable by our species, and may, in fact, be infinite. The doorway into the intelligence Archetype is our species capacity for thought unencumbered by those ancestral cognitive mechanisms culminating at our Ego. The profound wisdom inherent within this archetype, those aspects accessible to us, can be experienced as so detached from our “normal” experience that it can feel as though knowledge is being “channeled” to or through us. However, access to this archetype is only available once all of our underlying archetypal functions are functionally integrated. This is another perspective describing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and in that model accessing the Intelligence Archetype is the level of Self Actualization, which can only be accessed once all underlying “needs” have been met.

The left palm facing Divine Intelligence, the right, facing outward to the world.

The Intelligence Archetype is comprised of three distinct classes of perception. These are the known, the unknown, and the unknowable. The known consists of our hard-won understandings in the arts, sciences, and social organization. The unknown consists of that which we have the potential to come to understand. The unknowable consists of that which is beyond our capacity for comprehension and which may only be witnessed. Examining these classes closely reveals that the known and unknown are illusory and that all is unknowable. The known provides a realizable framework within the unknowable upon which we can rely, but which is not real. Our wildly successful attempts to carve out a bigger slice of the unknown encourage confidence that all may eventually be known, but the illumination of our knowledge will not reach the edges of the space of the Intelligence Archetype, edges that possibly do not exist. This statement rests on the dichotomy between the biologically constrained perceiver and the perceived which has no such constraints.

Ancestral cognitive processes underly our capacity for pure thought. Learning to make distinctions between thoughts driven by ancestral cognitive mechanisms and thoughts unencumbered by those automaticities liberates awareness to explore the perhaps limitless potentials encompassed by the Intelligence Archetype. The more one’s awareness is dominated by one’s reflexes, drives, instincts, and emotions, the less access on has to the potential to enable one’s potential for Free Will and to enter into the archetypal realm described here as Intelligence.

Cognition forms an essential attribute of every evolutionary paradigm discussed on this website. The function of structure is driven by cognition. However, from cognition’s most basic stimulus/response mechanisms to its most complex calculations focused on identity and self-awareness, there is an organizing principle that ties cognition tightly to the Archetype of Doing – choosing and then performing some action that either benefits or protects the organism. From an evolutionary perspective the whole point of cognition, as with our senses and a musculoskeletal system, is to select and then implement the most successful course of action. This is described on this website as First-Order Cognition. Evolutionary “fitness” has as much or more to do with the application of a structure, than with the emergence of any specific structural adaptation. This subject is discussed further in the section on the Neurological Core.

In complex animals like ourselves, who can cognitively concurrently processes many variables, cognition has the potential to extend beyond self-referenced self-interest into the realm of pure thought. Pure thought, which flows independently of the perception of need and action, is the arena of the Intelligence Archetype, within which universal rules of logic, mathematics, beauty, divine knowledge, etc. populate a “space” independent of, but linked to the physical dimensions. When engaging in Pure Thought, or what is also described in this website as Third-Order Cognition, one may notice that one is not really conjuring up ideas, but rather discovering pre-existing “truths”. These truths exist regardless of whether or not they are observed. Mathematics is an excellent example, present as a description of the physics of the corner of the universe which we inhabit. Pure Thought extends far beyond those attributes that relate to the scientific description of our physical surroundings, and likely far beyond that which our primate neurology can process – that which “blows our minds”.

As one enters more fully into the Intelligence Archetype the perception of the dichotomy of “perceiver” (Self-Referenced or Second_Order Cognition) and the “perceived” disperses, replaced by the experience of Divine Knowledge in the act of witnessing itself. Traditional this state has been described as “Non-Attachment”. For this writer, the true potential of our species is almost certainly our ability to channel Divine Knowledge to the physical dimensions, something at which our species has thus far proven to be quite adroit neophytes. This paper on these potentials inherent at this moment in the evolution of our species is a fun read:
The Enlightenment is Dead, Long Live the Entanglement


In this model, the Intelligence Archetype is linked to Primate Neurophysiology and the Ectomorphic Somatotype. Examples of professions where this archetype is dominant are those involving abstract thought, such as physicists and philosophers.


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