iPhone App for Stance and Gait

iPhone App for Diagnosing and Training Walking and Posture Through Real-Time Monitoring of Foot Function

To provide feedback on optimal stance and gait requires that optimization be defined. Optimization here is defined in individual sections on STANCE, GAIT, and TURNING. Additionally, the section on the TENSEGRITY FOOT MODEL clarifies the metrics being measured by this device.

The outline for the project is to build a Bluetooth enabled “insole” for footwear that reports to the iPhone pressure at very specific points on the sole of the foot. Relative changes in these pressure readings can be interpreted to provide feedback on how close to optimal function (as defined here) a persons stance, gait or turning in gait is registering. Because how we use our feet tightly correlates with the level of functionality in our evolutionary layers this device works both diagnostically and therapeutically inside the model presented in this website.

The App is configured so that the results appear both as immediate feedback to improve optimization and as a score, which can incentivize the user. There is a slider to set the level of difficulty of the feedback.

The arm is also used in gait, and integration with the Apple Watch, both for haptic feedback and to access the accelerometer for arm swing relative to gait sequence, is planned.



Current Status of Project:
6/1/19 Prototype insole and app have been built for STANCE and GAIT for one foot. It monitors function in the mode selected and provides feedback on how to improve function based on the training optimization parameters outlined in this Foot Function Section of this website.

The app is designed in Swift for the iPhone.

This is essentially a proof of concept phase. Completion of this phase expected in the fall of 2019. Further direction of this project is yet to be decided. (See the section below)

1) Secure the I.P.
2) Have pressure sensor insole manufactured (this requires “printing” insoles for every foot size).
3) Professional app development. Monitoring and training functions are written, but the app is not in a “deliverable” form. There is also EE work to be done to bring the Insole to market readiness.
4) Marketing: Market research for this project has not been done, but the project fits in the overall category of other BLE enabled health monitoring devices for posture and other fitness metrics (heart rate, steps taken per day, etc.). The app needs to be used in conjunction with the training materials for stance and gait presented in this website, so this is a more complex marketing opportunity than, for example, a “steps per day” app.

For more information on the project, to see it demonstrated or to discuss the potential of the opportunity, please contact me here: