Kialo Pain Patch

Pain is observed as a higher frequency component on the lower frequency muscle activation nerve impulses. Information flow to a muscle is bi-directional. The central nervous system (CNS) instructs a muscle to act, and the muscle reports back to the CNS information on its response. If there is an issue, this is carried back to the CNS as a high-frequency aspect of those waveforms, which we experience as pain. Tactics to alleviate pain diminish this high-frequency component, enabling utilizing observing it as a mechanism for the efficacy of treatment of pain. These high-frequency components are visible when EEG electrodes are applied to the body (EEG amplification is an order of magnitude more sensitive than EMG amplification).

Treatments for pain that directly address this high-frequency signal are gaining ground. It is possible that the mechanism of efficacy of traditional treatments for pain and other forms of dysregulation, such as Acupuncture, Acupressure, and CranioSacral Therapy attenuate this high-frequency component.

Evidence to support this statement can be found here:

Kialo Pain Patch


The Kialo patch is a high capacity capacitor fabricated from Nanoparticles. Increasing the capacitance of a portion of the nerve pathway attenuates (reduces or phase shifts) the signal. This influences the sensation of pain, which is often experienced within seconds of application. Attenuating the frequency of nerve impulses is known to influence brain wave activity. The Kialo patch may also help to downregulate brain activity. This writer has used it to shut my brain down when attempting to sleep, with the result of sometimes feeling like he had been “knocked out”, sleeping deeply.

Using the Kialo patch has not been tested by this writer as an EMF shield, but it is the same size as his phone, and so he keeps it with his phone, between it and his body. The high capacity capacitance of the patch should theoretically absorb EMF in the radio frequencies as well, or better than it does in the low frequencies our bodies emanate.

Another tool that appears to have a similar mechanism of efficacy, which is used regularly in this writer’s practice is the application of Low Energy Neurofeedback to the body, a modality called Bodylens. Although an algorithm is used to apply feedback, it is possible that the alteration of the capacitance of the nerve channel by the placement of the electrode, regardless of the character of the feedback, is perhaps a significant factor. (The electrode connects to a high impedance input to an instrument amplifier-which is balanced by an internal capacitance).


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