Lateral Stabilization of the Core

The Side Planes have a more specific role with their primary function to be preventing the body from spilling to the sides. For this function, the shock absorption attributes of Tensegrity would be a liability, as the body needs to be able to direct the absolute maximal force into the ground when required. The Side Planes are therefore dominantly compressional. The Side Planes begin on the outside edge of the soles of the Feet. When this edge is dug into the ground the skeletal structure “locks up” enabling a compressional stack that goes all the way to the sides of the head, where the Temporal Bone is able to slide upwards, releasing the pressure waves transmitted through the body in this compressional dynamic.

Discussion of Lateral Stabilization expressed in the feet

The motor automaticities engaged with this functionality are Babinski and Leg-Cross-Flexion.