Line Archetypes

A basic definition of an animal is an organism that moves. Geometrically this is foundationally expressed as a single spatial dimension, a line. Movement requires intention and in addition to development of the physiology enabling movement, neurology to process intention emerged. The line archetypes express these origins of Life exploring the potential of combining neurology and physiology into intentional movements, enabling the organism to satisfy the foundational (point) drives in more complex ways. A key sensory development is the emergence of vision, which enables the formation of intention Рyou need to recognize and object to form an intention about it. Line archetypes have a dual nature: self/other, female/male (yin/yang), light/shadow.

When encountering a threat, the survival response of line archetypes is to fight or flee. This survival response is fundamentally different from the protective response to freeze, and when threat is perceived the organism is primed to act. adrenalin