Point Defence

Protection Through the Freeze Response

For organisms limited to a fixed point in space, protection consists largely of sensing vibration. The point archetypical response to a sensed threat is contraction. We usually label this protective response as freeze, which we experience as either a locking of our physiology, or as panic. The most efficient means to sense vibration is using hairs (cat whiskers are an excellent example). Humans still have a direct neurological connection to and from our hair follicles to the deepest layers of our core neurophysiology (Enteric Nervous System). If you have experienced your hair standing on end when frightened, you have experienced this neurophysiological response both perceiving a threat and priming to become more sensitive (a notable quality of this response is it’s immediacy – it unfolds much more quickly than our conscious awareness can track). This connection between our skin and our core neurophysiology is why tactile protocols often can help us to down regulate our protective responses [Read More],¬†effectively aiding in the treatment of a post traumatic stress response.