Living Things

Neurophysiology Common to the Root of All Living Things and its Legacy in the Lineage of Human Beings


An organism is a self-contained system that persists through time and replicates. These are foundational qualities defining all forms of life. For the vast majority of the time organisms have inhabited Earth (~4/5ths) this was the defining characteristic, and is still the order of business of almost all of the biomass on earth (plant/bacteria/ fungi).

The key discoveries that led to the emergence of life were the biochemical processes which we call metabolism. These are cyclical processes which unfold through time and are not strongly influenced by the spatial dimensions.

When the metabolic conditions attain a certain favorable threshold, the organism “bifurcates”, following the mandate of life to recreate itself in new ways and extend its reach. In humans, these metabolic processes still dominate our core physiology in the function of our gut and viscera.

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