Sexual Archetype

Georgia O’Keeffe, Abstraction White Rose, 1927

The foundational mandate of the Force of Life is to create more life. Whether this is a mathematical constraint required to describe a living system, or the intention of some larger, unknowable Universal Force (a subject of extensive spirited debate between the scientific/educational/religious/spiritual communities), it is obvious that our system of Life on Earth would not exist without this mandate to create more life. Evolution is the mechanism to explain Life’s diversification into seemingly every potential nook and cranny on the planet. Reproduction/death is the mechanism that makes evolution through mutation possible. Therefore sexuality is at the very center of and enables expression of the creative living force. It is embedded in the description of living systems the same way as a factor is embedded in a mathematical equation, which is conceptually expressed here as an archetype.

In humans, the sexual archetype is retained in every evolutionary layer, so that we experience our sexuality as a reflex, drive, instinct, emotionally and as an expression of our ego. We simply would not be here if this was not the case, as a layer without the sexual archetype would cease to exist. Therefore, if a person experiences long term sexual dysfunction it is likely that at its core will be dysregulation in the evolutionary layers ALL LIVING THINGS or ANIMALS, and the therapeutic options described in those layers should support the work of further sexual maturation.

Issues with arousal are associated with the Parasympathetic Nervous System and ALL LIVING THINGS.
Issues with orgasm are associated with the Sympathetic Nervous System and ANIMALS.


Sexuality is not the only factor in the mathematical equation describing living systems. At least two other factors are required: