Survey to Direct Therapeutic Effort for Maximal Efficacy


The questions in this assessment come from several sources that have a deep understanding of the relationship between the level of efficiency in the function of our motor (and other) automaticities, and how we react to that degree of maturation*. This is expressed in how we move, how we sense, how we behave and how we think.

By using a survey, we can tease out which developmental phase is expressing the greatest level of compensation. With this information, it is then possible to direct therapeutic effort for greatest efficacy towards addressing that cluster of compensations. The purpose of this website is to provide a tool to make this possible.

The survey is appropriate for both children and adults and may be completed either for oneself or for someone else (a child). Consequently, there will be a good portion of questions which will not be appropriate, and which should just be skipped over (an answer where the slider is not touched is not counted). By intent, the information is not stored so that there are not any confidentiality (HIPPA) issues. However, it cannot be overemphasized that the results should be noted, as they disappear once you leave the webpage hosting the survey (which will open in a new window).

The survey uses a slider for answering the questions. While this may seem inconvenient, the advantage is that it allows for our subjective observations to play a more dominant role – for the answers to contain a relational quality not as easily captured with absolute values (IE: 1->5 relevance).



Link to a pdf of the survey questions with the associated postural and dynamic reflexes. The pdf also has the developmental layer as presented in this model which is linked to the reflex (1=Living Things, 5=Primate), to enable checking the analytics embedded in the survey.